Ennio Scioli / Managing Director

Over 25 years of experience working in different capacities at various security organizations build competence, knowledge and expertise in strategic and operational security operations.

Important carrier stages:
Chief Inspectorate DDPS
Deputy Department Head
Senior Executive to the Federal Minister DDPS 
Commanding Officer Swiss Militia Training Camp

Primary and further Education:
Executive MBA HSG in General Management (St. Gallen)
Master in Strategic Science (Rome)
Swiss Federal Diploma Military Officer ETH (Zurich)
Bachelor of Business Administration (Zurich)
General Staff Officer (Lucern)

„Our service quality is perceptible and measurable, tailored to your success” 

Dorothea Scioli / Head of Administration and Finance

Longtime experience in sales management and training

„Our services are professional and effective, generating a value added bonus for your business” 

Atelier Rubinzki